If you own or manage more than one property, we recommend you to add one of them and after finishing registration you can add the other(s) from inside the system.

Example: USD, EUR
Example: $; €; R$

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Terms and Conditions 

The user which is been created after clicking on "Submit" will be the only access and will be the master of the Profile(s) and User(s) you create afterwords.
The user is responsible for all alteration and the profile as it-self does not opperates whithout a human input. 
This system is still under development and itself and it's creators do not opperate the user(s) or the profile(s) you are creating. Therefore the creators of the system are not accountable for the actions taken by you or the people you give access to.
By clicking on "Submit" you will have access to one property profile in which only the created user can add, edit and delete information, and use the functions available.
It is recommended to watch the tutorial videos which are linked under for an approprieted use of the functions available.
All personal information you add on the profile(s) and on the user(s) are secured and encrypted and for every action ( click, enter, submit, update, upload ), a time log is created with the IP location of the machine you are using. All the information will be safed under the user you are creating now.
If you have any question you can contact Arthur at +34641640571 

By clicling on "Submit" you agree to use the availabe functions with responsability whitout causing harm or prejudice to others, maintaining a safe environment for yourself and other you eventually give access to.