Welcome to my project.
This is an idependent project focused to help out with online and offline solutions for small and self owned business related to travel (Accommodation, Tours and Events Organizers, etc)
The main idea of this project is to reduce the cost of travelling by cutting off the reservation fees and allow people to travel as much as they desire.

This is my contribution to a community in which I've belong since 2006, a community of travel lovers in which a lot of helping each other takes place and financial is not always expected for the help. 

This project consistes on:
A1) A PMS (Property Managment System)

This system consists on:
A Booking Engine where travelers can make direct reservation from the accommodation's website with zero (or as close as possible to zero) cost of booking fee to the business owner and to the traveler.

A Reservation Management System where the business owner can view and edit all the reservation giving an easy overview of all the possible modifications for each reservation as well as an easy connection with the guest to facilitate the exposure of the property's products and service as well as any recommendation for related businnes such as tours, events, restaurants, bars, museums, etc.
A2) Property online and offline consulting
I make myself available for consultation online for any inquires from anyone who owns or want to start a business related to travel. I take the advantage of my experience dealling with Hostels and similar businnes as well a vast network of professionals who are aslo willing to contribute with their sevices, sometimes for free or in exchange of accommodation or sometimes charging for their services according to the complexity of the request. A range of professionals from webdesigners, programmers, content creators, social media, photographers to lawyers, accountants, architects, interior desiners, carpenters, plumbler and literally any professional who can help avoiding simple mistake on implementation of any project.
OFFLINE - This is in fact my main interest, where ever your business is located in the planet, I offer my own phisical contribution. I make my way to your place for 2 or 3 weeks in order to give you full suport on your project, helping you to organizing or fixing or build anything you want to build and offering my ideas for dealling with common and rare situations, being a confident and honest consultant in house and later on I maintain a personal online support. My desire is to be a trusted friend who can help on anything from moving to gardening to setting up your property and being there for the early stage of your businnes and assist with any problems that can come around, helping finding solutions to your in-house issues as well as helping linking your property to other properties around creting a recommendtion network based on your location and assisting guests to find out about things they might want to do/see while traveling throught the region.

Here I offer some tutorial videos if you are intersted to learn more about the system I'm developing.
I also encorage you to creat a profile to make any tests you want.
Registration Form:

https://siteofhostels.com/backoffice/property_registration.php (link will open in a new window)
I'm available for discutions and if you have any question please feel free to contact me +34641640571 (also on whatsApp)

001 - Registration + Calendar Introduction

002 - Add new Property + User + User Type

003 - Permission

004 -  Reference Company + Bed Type

005 - Add Room

006.0 - Email Templates

006.1 - Booking Agreement + Booking Page

007 - Add Product Type and Product

008 - Sister Hostels

009 - Review from 001 to 008 + Explaining Booking Fee and Down-Payment + create booking from the Booking Engine

010 - Add Rooms + Add Booking + Booking Layout + Guest Rating

011 - Bed Price + Calendar Overview

012 - Add Bookings + coments + etc

013 - Minimum Stay + Gaps + Dicount/Mark-up

014 - Cashier + Promocode + Bills